We make LAN parties easy

Getting a LAN party to go off without a hitch can be stressful and time-consuming. You don’t want to worry about all the little things that could go wrong—from networking issues to problems with streaming—when you could be focused on players destroying their opponents and supporting their teammates.

RallyPt has more than 30 combined years of IT and gaming experience. We’ve produced events where computers are provided for every player, as well as “bring-your-own” parties. We make sure every LAN event runs at peak performance.

Contact us first for a clean, efficient LAN experience for you and your players.

Seamless Setup

We make sure that all systems are set up efficiently and appropriately. When the event starts, each player can sit down and start playing without worrying about small, forgotten details.

Network & Security

We know networks. Our specialists ensure the network is robust, while also monitoring for unapproved uses. Security is a top concern, and our software watches for cheating or nefarious tools like keyloggers.

Smooth player flow

Our proprietary software makes admin easy. Large numbers of players can sign up, and when the time is ready they’re sent instructions via SMS (or email) to find their stations and begin play.

Simplified Streaming

Streaming has never been so easy. Our experts have a answer for every question about the daily hurdles of streaming. From one computer or one hundred, we'll make it happen.