We’re Named RallyPt For A Reason.

Whether you're looking to run a 40-person amateur PUBG tournament, manage a stage at TwitchCon, or launch consumer activations at BlizzCon, we're here for you. No idea is too bold, no facet of gaming outside our wheelhouse.

Who Are We?

We’re gamers, first and foremost—but we’re a lot more than that, too.

As eSports have risen in prominence over the last decade, the gaming community has watched as professionals from other industries have rushed in, despite having little familiarity with or passion for gaming. Too frequently, the end result is event management that, while perhaps suited for other fields or businesses, fails to take into account the factors that make eSports distinctive.

But, hey—that’s where we come in.

You could say we’re avid gamers with a deep and involved history in event management. You could also describe us as event management maestros with a deep and involved history of gaming.

Either way, we’re equally at home planning and executing large and small events as we are competing in no-holds-barred eSports tournaments.

Your Source For

Deeper Industry Knowledge

A Tailored eSports Agency

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RallyPT App

Onsite and online tournament registration, management, notifications and leaderboards.

Activation Services

From marketing strategy, to experience creation and event support to program management. We are here for you.

eSports Strategy

We know Gamers, because we are Gamers. We can offer first hand expertise in tournament design, stage setup, game selection, live streaming, technical setup, observer strategy and more.


RallyPT’s Kill Cam is the solution the gaming industry has been waiting for.

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